Loans to public employees: Discover the benefits and the best offers on the market

Public employees, to whom the employment contract is directly managed by INPS, can sometimes take advantage of many facilitations thanks to their particular job position.

The loans to public employees are certainly included in this case

loans to public

Whether it is to renovate a house, or to purchase movable property, they can take advantage of various types of subsidized credits.

In fact, it is the INPS itself that offers the possibility, to all state employees, of being able to obtain financing on favorable terms . In reality these specific Loans to Public Employees also have disadvantages, recognized above all with the bureaucratic slowness of issuance, a factor that must always be considered in an absolutely central way when submitting requests to state agencies such as the Inps.

Over time, even credit institutions have introduced into their loan offers those reserved for state employees, sniffing out a potential market that is always very profitable.

At present the best banking products are the following:


  • Findomestic’s “your projects” , personal loan has a TAEG (total interest rate in which any ancillary costs are also calculated) of about 9%. It can be requested online and repaid in monthly installments with a fixed interest rate.
  • For public employees, Unicredit proposes a salary assignment, with a maximum payable amount of € 69,000 repayable in no more than 120 months. The rate is, of course, fixed and the disbursement of the loan takes place extremely quickly.
  • BNL’s Salary Power allows you to finance a maximum amount of € 104,000 repayable in 120 months. The monthly repayment rate is calculated on the basis of a fixed interest rate and will never be higher than one fifth of the salary.
  • Intesa Sanpaolo offers its customers the possibility of requesting up to 75 thousand euros to be repaid over a period of 2 to 10 years. The loan is associated with an insurance policy that intervenes if you are fired.

As you can see, and as mentioned at the beginning of the article, the terms of the loans are very advantageous

Loan terms

The final advice is to check if any special agreements are being made with the institution or ministry referred to because, in that case, there would be even more advantages both in terms of disbursement and interest rate.

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