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The problem with getting or documenting income now does not have to be an impediment to go through the online loan. Thanks to the lack of such requirements set by some lenders, in a large number of loan companies we have a chance to borrow up to PLN 1,500 for the first time.

However, installment loans – long-term loans for higher amounts are usually associated with earnings verification.

Non-bank lenders giving short-term payday loans often do not require sending income certificates (eg in the form of a PIT, an account statement, or a certificate from an employer containing amount and frequency of remuneration received and seniority).

Such a payday without a certificate is often also referred to as a “loan as a proof”, because the identity document alone is enough for us to submit a loan application. This means that in order to get a loan in a given company, it is enough to meet several basic criteria such as:

  • appropriate age;
  • Polish citizenship, address of residence in Poland;
  • having a mobile phone and bank account;
  • no negative history in selected registers.

In some companies, the customer sometimes has to make a statement of earnings (this is usually required for companies who mention the necessity of having a loan in the loan terms) – then you must specify in the application what income is obtained – and from what source, some companies also want see bank statement from the last 2-3 months (in PDF format). Of course, non-bank companies want to simplify the verification process as much as possible, which is why many websites provide online loans without an emphasis on the income criterion – a loan without certificates is available even for the unemployed.

However, you must remember that when submitting an application in a given company for the first time you have to reckon with the need to verify personal data – this is most often transferring 1 zloty to the indicated bank account – the loan company then verifies our identity (the bank account we used to transfer the loan is then paid out) in the case of a positive decision).

Who offers loans without certificates

Who offers loans without certificates

Below you will find 11 selected offers of payday loans, at which the lender does not require sending additional documents, certificates or receiving certain income. However, he can ask about earnings and also consider them as one of the decision-making factors.

A loan without certificates is particularly attractive to people who currently (at least officially) are not employed or receive benefits due to retirement, pensions, scholarships or alimony payments. Of course, despite the fact that some companies do not require earnings certificates, it is worth thinking whether we will not have a problem with repayment – extending the deadline is an additional cost.

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