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Holiday Credit Simulation

Go on a cruise in Europe, historical adventures in Asia or a safari in Africa … You have always dreamed of unpublished holidays with your family, but for lack of money, this project has never been realized.

On loan-simulation.be, access a simulation of holiday loan, a reliable source of funding that will allow you to travel immediately, without having to draw on your savings or save. Indeed, our loan comparator allows you to refine your research by specifying your personal parameters and your financial capacities.

Holiday Loan Simulator

The holiday loan simulator is a website that offers you a tool to compare the many offers available from online banks. On loan-simulation.be, we propose you to perform a holiday loan simulation that will activate searches based on the personal data you have provided. The results will tell you the capital granted as a travel credit, the cost and duration of the monthly payments, the interest rates applied, the total cost of the loan, and various other essential or optional information such as insurance and fees. of the folder.

Note that the holiday loan comparison is free and its use does not commit you to anything even if you immediately get a policy response from online banks that offer this type of consumer credit. Then you have the opportunity to use these results to compare the offers on the market and opting for those that offer the best rates, as well as a secure product approved by a reliable and experienced credit institution.

Why use our simulator?

For all to be well, a trip is being prepared and the search for funding is the first step to follow. With our holiday loan comparator, you will have an overview of the different possibilities available to you. Without having to move, you search from home and the site gives you an explanation of the steps to follow for a simulation of successful holiday loan, which will allow you to make a better decision.

To make your life easier, the holiday loan simulation avoids having to calculate the percentages applied for your loan yourself. The rates and amounts are given as an indication to help you estimate whether this is a reasonable action, supported by your budget.

And as soon as you have the results of the holiday loan simulation, you can draw up a small table to help you compare the various offers, and avoid any risk of over-indebtedness, because everything is done in a way that respects your ability to refund.

Our holiday loan comparator is therefore a service at your disposal to help you rely on reliable and consistent figures without having to spend hours calculating the rates applied and the amounts to be reimbursed. What’s more, this approach is free and it does not commit you to anything online banks.

How to use our simulation tool to compare holiday loans

To have access to our comparator of holiday loan, you just have to connect on the site, to specify the type of credit which interests you, and to fill the form adapted to your request. For example, you can indicate the amount you want to borrow to finance your vacation, the duration of your credit (from 6 months to 60 months) and the amount of the monthly payment that you will be able to provide in the monthly household budget.

In a few seconds, you will receive a complete quotation clearly stating the amount of your loan, the desired repayment period, the monthly payment excluding insurance, the application fee, the fixed debit rate, the fixed APR, the total amount due excluding insurance, the total cost of interest, the amount of optional insurance, the annual effective rate of insurance and the total amount due from the insurance. This document provided by the holiday loan comparator will then be printed as a reference when you do your other research with your banks and other credit agencies.

After some thought, you can log into your personal space to launch your online travel credit application and get in touch with an experienced advisor to accompany you through all stages of your vacation loan application, loan repayment and repayment.

What is a holiday loan?

What is a holiday loan?

Whether you dream of traveling to the other side of the world, to exotic or historic destinations, banks and credit agencies offer you the holiday loan. This is a financing adapted to your travel plans to allow you to enjoy these moments of relaxation in peace.

On the online banks, the process of obtaining a travel credit has been simplified, especially since it is a form of unassigned personal loan, where no proof is required of you regarding use of the sum awarded. So you can leave freely and spend in your own way without being accountable to anyone. Here, the answer in principle is immediately, and this simulation of holiday loan is free, without any commitment on your part.

To borrow the money you need for this trip to an exotic island, these weeks to camp in the wilderness, these moments of relaxation through the most beautiful cities in the world, learn to anticipate your expenses. Before you even do the holiday loan simulation, start by calculating your transportation costs, accommodation and food costs, including the expenses for all the participants in the trip, before determining the amount you will ask in form credit, and that will serve as your holiday budget.

How to apply for a holiday loan?

How to apply for a holiday loan?

After a long year of hard work, you need to de-stress yourself in an exotic tropical destination. To finance these well deserved holidays, you have the opportunity today to apply for a holiday loan on the sites of banks online.

To start, go to the online credit comparators, especially on loan-simulation.be, and click directly on the adapted link to apply online. Then you can fill out the form that indicates the type of credit, the amount you will borrow and the cost of the monthly repayment. Once you have received our offers and you have decided to borrow, you will provide your business information and that of your partner, details about your financial situation (expenses, income). Once you have completed it, you can download the form that you will sign and return with the answer in principle and the supporting documents requested.

After analyzing your file, you will receive in a few days the holiday loan agreement that you will sign and return to your organization. After ten days, the sum will be released and immediately paid into your bank account. From there, you can spend freely, while repayment monthly payments will be deducted from your accounts on the dates indicated in the contract.

As with any other form of consumer credit, you have the opportunity to negotiate with the holiday loan to reduce the total cost of borrowing by avoiding the application fees and by anticipating penalties for early repayments.

Why make credit online?

Why make credit online?

By choosing an online credit, you make your life easier with a simplified approach and faster response time. Just with the holiday loan simulation, you have access to a kind of calculator available to you, free of charge and without any obligation on your part. The goal is to give you this much needed time to find the most advantageous loan.

Just a few clicks and you have the opportunity to specify the nature of your project (vacation), the amount you will ask, the duration of the loan or the cost of monthly payments. The results of the simulation will tell you the number of monthly payments to be paid, the duration of the credit, the total amount due, the borrowing rate, the APR or annual percentage rate of charge, the cost of interest and application fees.

As soon as you have this information, you can access your customer area and send your holiday loan request online to the credit agency of your choice. There, you will directly contact a customer advisor who will take care of your file and send you a reply in principle. By respecting the periods of reflection, you will have to return the file with the supporting documents to provide. And a few days after the signing of the credit agreement, you will receive your loan in your bank account.

When it comes to online banking security, you have nothing to worry about, as these sites are still attached to large, stable financial groups and the risk of bankruptcy is almost nil. For your part, you can reassure yourself with a stronger authentication process, a username and password, information that you must keep secret to avoid any risk of hacking your account online.

Tips for choosing your holiday loan

Tips for choosing your holiday loan

By opting for a holiday loan provided by online banks, you grant yourself the privilege of freely spending the unlocked fund as a personal loan. With our holiday loan simulation, you have the opportunity to compare different offers and opt for the one that will seem the most advantageous and that will best meet your needs for a pleasant stay.

Because the holiday loan is a form of unassigned personal loan, you risk paying more with the pretty salty interests that serve as security for the banks. As a result, you can do everything possible to reduce the total cost of your loan as much as possible by negotiating the fees, comparing the offers that are available to you through the holiday loan comparator and using them to obtain discounts.

Another surefire tip, determine in advance the exact amount of the loan before performing your holiday loan simulation. By reducing the cost of borrowed capital, you will be able to limit the total amount of credit, and will have fewer monthly payments to repay. Finally, make sure to choose a monthly payment and a repayment period that corresponds to your financing possibilities to avoid any risk of over-indebtedness.

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